Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Railway Update No.4

I was wondering whether I should use an underlay when making my layout. I'd previously made a small test layout and I did not worry about underlay. The sound that a model train makes when passing over the track is certainly not very life like. It has a charm of its own, granted. But it is something that I think can be improved upon.

With the sound of clickety-clack in my ears I thought that cork underlay would be good. Here is what it looks like. The width of these strips is enough to fit under a single N-scale (9mm gauge) track. It is not very high tech but is does help with the noise. Note, however, that you'll never be able to completely get rid of the model train noise. But some of that sound is the charm of model railways. Some people have also used carpet underlay which probably works out cheaper and is more noise absorbent.

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