Saturday, 8 August 2015

Prince August - Fantasy Kit

I am not a big Ebay buyer. In fact until recently I've not bought anything for around 4 years. But there was just one thing that I couldn't resist. It was a fantasy modelling kit from Prince August... and it arrived in my mail today.

Prince August are an interesting company. They have been around for decades. In fact I remember by older brother bought a very similar kit about 25 years ago. The ability to make your own figures is probably the biggest attraction. I find it quite interesting and challenging to get the right temperatures for the metal and how different alloys melt at different temperatures. Then of course you've got to prepare and paint the figures which is fun itself.

I'll prepare another blog post in the near future which shows some of my earlier casting of some different Fantasy Army series moulds I already have. In the mean time imagine casting your own metal figures!

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